Features Overview
Monthly Fee $19
Setup Fees None
Minimum contract None
Money back guarantee* 101%
Collects leads in several ways, sends them directly to you by email or text message to your cell phone Yes
Looks customized (wraps your site around itself) Yes
Lets your visitors save searches and properties Yes
Lets your visitors rate properties and leave comments Yes
Lets your visitors subscribe to daily new listings notification emails with your personalized message and brand Yes
Lets you view your visitors' saved listings, searches, ratings, comments and subscription to listings notification emails Yes
Search by Google Maps (click & drag the search area on a map) Yes
Rapid development of new features Yes
Available to principal brokers with no agents Yes
Fees paid to you for referrals Yes
Avoids HTML editing (for most sites) Yes
Automatic conversion for Triangle MLS SmartFrame users Yes
Automated installation for TMLS SmartFrame users Yes
Sends leads to your cell phone via text message Yes
Sends leads to your Top Producer database Yes
More features under development Many
Other customizations $25