Client Relationship

The Client Relationship features are a natural addition to the core property search. They help you connect and communicate with searchers to take advantage of every opportunity to serve them better, to understand their situation and meet their needs, making you a better Realtor, not simply automating the search process.

Constant Contact

We're an approved Constant Contact ("CC") business partner.

Here are some of the ways that our CC partnership benefits our clients, both with and without their own CC account:

  • Whether you sign up for your own Constant Contact or not, we use CC to generate various IDXblue emails to your leads that look just like your website, more attractive, less likely to be blocked as spam, with an automated unsubscribe function.
  • If you join CC yourself, as IDXblue collects leads during property search, we can push them into your CC database so you can automatically merge them as into your existing email campaign. No manual entry. Great follow-up.
  • We provide consulting services to make your CC email campaigns rise above the competition. Aesthetically, you're not limited to the templates CC offers. Instead, we make sure your brand is consistent because your emails look just like your website. Functionally, we can even insert property search forms into your emails.
  • CC can make you seem taller, slimmer and better looking.

Familiarize yourself with Constant Contact by visiting our partner site.

Request for More Information

When someone is looking at the details of listings in IDXblue on your site, they can click an icon to request more information, which triggers a notification email to you so you can respond. The email includes a link back to the listing page so you can see the listing details yourself. This feature is helpful for both getting touches with prospects and giving existing clients the 'white glove' treatment.

Request a Showing

When viewing the details of a listing, your web site visitors are able to request a showing of the listing with a click of an icon.  They specify a preferred date and time, and you receive an email notifying you of the request so you can set it up or get back in touch along with a link back to the page they were viewing so you can familiarize yourself and then use your expertise to make suggestions for additional showings or comparables.

Daily Listings Notification

When visitors on your web site save a search, the system invites them to subscribe to daily notification emails. The daily listings notification repeats your users' saved searches on a daily basis and sends them a customized email from you notifying them of any new or modified listings in the past 24 hours and invites them to return to your site to view full details. Our setup area allows you to change the message as often as you wish. This feature keeps them thinking about you and returning to your site. You don't have to manually set up the subscriptions, as you do in other systems, so it saves you time and gives you a virtual assistant. Plus, most importantly, it helps your clients find what they're looking for. Even if users miss an email, when they return to IDXblue on your site, they are notified that the system has found new listings that match their saved searches.

See What Your Visitors See

The IDXblue client setup area, or back end, allows you to see what searches and listings your prospects and clients are viewing and saving once they've logged in. By familiarizing yourself with these items, you have the ability to utilize your training to make suggestions and help steer your clients away from pitfalls and towards the best fit. Even if the visitors have never saved a listing or search, you are able to see their search history to get a feel for what they're doing and attracted to.


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