Client Relationship

The Client Relationship features are a natural addition to the core property search. They help you connect and communicate with searchers to take advantage of every opportunity to serve them better, to understand their situation and meet their needs, making you a better Realtor, not simply automating the search process.

Capture Client Comments

Your clients and prospects are able to rate and record comments for each listing they view in detail. Once they are "fenced" (create an account), you can then view those comments and ratings from your management area. This enables you to better understand their needs and priorities and thus add value by applying your training and expertise in helping them find the perfect listing faster.

Drip email campaigns

IDXblue gives you a drip email campaign tool.

With an IDXblue drip campaign, you can set up a system of unique messages that will be emailed automatically to your IDXblue leads over a period of time you specify. Each message can include a link to a web page of your choice. The clicks are tracked to help you measure which messages and campaigns are most effective.

To learn more about drop email campaigns in general, Google is a great starting place, or just visit Wikipedia:

To better illustrate, here is a real-world scenario: Buyers are searching MLS listings using IDXblue on your web site. At some point IDXblue asks them for their personal contact information, and a lead is collected. IDXblue notifies you of the new lead by email or text message, you visit the IDXblue setup area and assign the new lead to your favorite email campaign, and every 30 days for the next six months IDXblue automatically generates a personalized email to them containing your messages. Each message can have a different link for the lead to click on -- say, to your website or your blog or a specific listing page or just an interesting article on mortgage rates -- and if they do, IDXblue records the click and keeps basic stats so you can measure the success of each message. Later you can get fancy and create multiple campaigns for different types of buyers or to test various marketing approaches.

As usual, the first step to take take advantage of this new tool is to visit the IDXblue setup area, then click Install & Manage. Find and select on Drip Email Campaigns.

1. Do not worry. Users can unsubscribe at any time, but you get to keep their email addresses.
2. IDXblue does not (yet) automatically assign new leads to a drip campaign. You have to get them started by adding them to a campaign. But keep paying attention, because that is going to change.
3. You may notice we set up a demo campaign named Welcome to IDXblue so you can see an example.


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