Some of the features we build into IDXblue are useful but hard to categorize, so we created this category to help you find out all about them.

QR Quick Response Added to Printed Flyers

When visitors to your web site search for property using your IDXblue search, they find and view a property's details. If they like it and print a flyer, the flyer now has a "QR" quick response code -- a bar code that can be scanned by a handheld device such as an iPhone or Android device.


Later, when the visitors are away from their computer (perhaps driving around neighborhoods) and have the flyer with them, they can scan the QR, and it takes them back to the property detail page on your web site where they can contact you, request a showing, or look for other similar properties.


For tech savvy web visitors, this feature is yet another way to keep them coming back to your site, thinking of you.


Price Per Square Foot

IDXblue calculates, displays, and can sort residential results by price per square foot.

Find the new sort-by button in the top right of any residential search results page. The line item is on the property detail page in the Additional Details section.

Printable, Branded Flyers

One of the popular IDXblue features is the ability for your web visitors to print a flier for a residential listing with your brand. Go to your web site and do a property search, then select a listing from the results and view the details. On the detail page, find and click the link labeled "Print Flier" on the menu. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the flyer. Almost everyone has it.

Automatic submission of your listings to Trulia

IDXblue submits your listings automatically to Trulia, the popular real estate search engine. With your permission, it takes all residential listings in the MLS data where you are the listing agent and submits them to Trulia on your behalf.

To find out about Trulia, visit http://www.trulia.com/about/

Please note we do not submit your listings without your giving approval. To do so, visit IDXblue setup, click on Install & Manage, then Other Settings, and finally check the box for Trulia.

It can take up to 72 hours for your listings to begin appearing in Trulia search results. Trulia prevents duplicate listings automatically.

Search Widgets

IDXblue provides a form we call Easy Search that you can put just about anywhere and let your clients begin an IDXblue home search. You can insert it within an HTML-enabled email, or you can paste it onto your front page, an online newsletter, and so on. We can also further customize it for you at our new low rates.

Give it a try. For example, type in a zip code, city, subdivision or street name, even a feature mentioned in the remarks, like fountain. This is pure HTML that can be inserted on any page. It is not an IDXblue link that needs its own page or to be loaded within an iframe.

Quick Home Search is similar to our Simple Search except fewer fields and thus a smaller footprint on the page. This code can be inserted into the HTML on any page.


Easy Home Search
Use quotes for complete phrases like "Chapel Hill"

Quick Home Search

MLS Number
Zip Code
Max Price


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