Add Extra Photos

IDXblue lets you display more photos of your residential listings than your MLS provides for.

For instance, if your MLS system allows you to include 12 photos per residential listing through their system (e.g., Tempo), and you want to display 20 for some particular listing, you can now do so, and they will appear on your web site in IDXblue when a visitor views that property either in search results or featured listings.

To add photos via IDXblue, visit the IDXblue manager, click Install & Manage, then click Add Extra Photos. Select the listing you have extra photos for from the list of your listings. Follow the instructions.

Couple of hints:

1. Make sure you use photos appropriate for the Web -- say, maximum 600 pixels wide and 100kb in file size. In other words, do not try to upload a huge, unmodified, 5 megabyte, high-resolution photo directly from your digital camera. Those photos are print quality, not web quality, and will take forever to load on your web site. Your visitors will flee.

2. You should maximize the number of photos provided within your MLS system, and only then upload any additional files through your IDXblue manager. Put another way, if MLS allows 12 photos, and you only have 10 for a particular listing, you do not need to use this new IDXblue feature.