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By "wrapping" we mean we take a page of your existing web site and wrap it around all IDXblue output (search pages, results, etc.) so that everything in...

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IDXblue collects leads by asking the visitors for their personal contact information at different points in various ways during the search process. The...

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Top Producer has approved IDXblue as an LTS provider. That means when prospects visit your site and search for listings, we collect your leads and send them...

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Pricing for IDXblue is easy -- $19.99 per month. ...

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"I have really enjoyed IDXblue... Not only do I get to have a strong search capability on my personal website but when any contact information is captured it is...

  • Wrapping Your Site

  • Capturing Leads

  • Integrating Top Producer

  • Cutting Costs

  • Satisfying Clients

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Written by QBlue   
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 14:32

With offer a small office web site package for $20/month and customized, managed hosting solutions for up to $2,500/month.

WordPress Hosting $20/month Sign-up Now

All solutions provide business-class hosting with the following attributes:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Stat tracking and analysis
  • Domain hosting if requested
  • 1 GB storage (with virtually unlimited expandability)
  • 500 MB/month traffic (with virtually unlimited expandability)
  • 5 POP mailboxes
  • 24/7 tech support

The data center offers the following specifications:

Physical Security
Our data center security is state-of-the-art. With three levels of security, entry into the Center is not only restricted by proximity cards and access codes, but also controlled by biometric hand scanners. Facility security is managed centrally through a global facility management system. Video surveillance, and stringent Data Center escort requirements protect server access. All service center personnel must pass a background check, be trained in security procedures and complete a probationary period with the company before being cleared for Data Center work.

The electrical power system is fully redundant with backup generators and parallel, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) - minimizing the possibility of power failures to the lowest level. The same is true of the air conditioning system. In our Data Center there are three HVAC systems, each with two compressors. So at maximum cooling times, one system can be completely down and not affect room conditions. The company also has multiple network connections providers, each with diverse routing into the facility and separate fiber paths to the Customer. In essence, there is no single point of failure within the entire facility.


The Center focuses on providing the highest level of reliability, beginning with the electrical power and fiber coming into its buildings. The multiple UPS systems maintain constant electrical current during the time it takes for the generator to stabilize. Should a power outage last longer than a day, our Data Center has seven separate fuel vendors contracted to deliver energy supplies around the clock. Internally, every server is connected so that it has power supplied by two completely separate paths back to the building service. Fiber is brought in through SONET rings from a minimum of two different providers over separate fiber systems in such a way that the systems do not come together until they are at the Customer's system. All systems are monitored around the clock to detect and protect clients from potential system or network failures. The sophisticated monitoring and management software is controlled from a central network operations center.

The Data Center’s narrow band (internal) connectivity is 100 percent fiber optic. Wide band (outgoing) connectivity straddles two OC-3 SONET rings combining "ground floor" connectivity, speed, and redundancy over redundancy. This combination means that our clients enjoy the very best, most scalable connectivity options available to any business.