IDXblue helps your web visitors (leads) recover forgotten passwords.

Here is how it works: When a visitor is searching for listings on your site using IDXblue and is asked for personal contact info (fenced, as we say), the visitor must enter a password along with his name and email address. When he returns to your site later and must log in to, say review his saved listings, the system will email him his password if he has forgotten it.

Normally IDXblue would use something called browser cookies to remember the contact info and saved listings, etc., of your returning visitor without her having to log in. But, if for instance, she has cleared her browser history or uses a different browser or computer to visit your site, IDXblue has no way of recognizing her, and thus she would be fenced again and asked to log in. That is where the password is needed, and that is where the new password recovery is helpful in keeping your clients happy.